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Simply Natural reviewed in TIME Magazine  
Simply Natural  

Carla Cook, vocals
Cyrus Chestnut
, piano 
Bruce Barth
, piano
Kenny Davis, bass
Billy Kilson, drums
Steve Kroon, percussion

“Her third album is her best yet, partly because her improvisatory yet tasteful phrasing continues to deepen in authority and her unique eye for material is growing sharper.”                                                             

– Detroit Free Press

“With her gliding delivery, inventive twists and assured timing, Cook gives each song her distinctive twist.”

   – Chicago Tribune

Dem Bones    

Carla Cook, vocals
Cyrus Chestnut, piano 
James Genus,
Fred Wesley, trombone
Craig Harris, trombone
Tyrone Jefferson, trombone
Billy Kilson, drums
Jeffrey Haynes, percussion

“Situating her gospel-tinted voice in a propulsive rhythmic groove, she proceeds to bend the blues, rehabilitate some standards and scamper through a couple of her own intriguing compositions....Cook can cook.” 
–  TIME Magazine
“Cook’s Dem Bones (3 ˝ stars) shows remarkable range . . . and innovative approaches . . . “  

–  USA Today   

It's All About Love   

Carla Cook, vocals
Cyrus Chestnut, piano 
Regina Carter, violin
Kenny Davis, bass
Jeffrey Haynes, percussion
Andy Milne, piano
Darryl Hall, bass
George Gray, drums

“… I’m already tempted to call her one of my favorite jazz singers. Part of Cook’s appeal is her reach: . . .she sings Basie, Rodgers and Hart, and Nascimento, but also taps into the music of her native Detroit and her experience, in gospel choirs.”   


“ . . . Cook’s interpretative gifts and sure-footed scatting are evident throughout the album, infusing the performances with a potent mixture of emotion and energy.”

-Washington Post

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